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date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 14:42:41 +0100
from: Trevor Davies <>
subject: Edinburgh
to: c.bentham@uea,p.jones@uea,j.palutikof@uea,p.liss@uea,m.hulme@uea, r.k.turner@uea,k.brown@uea,j.darch@uea

>From: "Simon J Shackley" <>
>Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 15:49:24 BST
>Subject: Edinburgh
>Priority: normal
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>dear Trevor
>Tom and I enjoyed the meeting last friday - it is an exciting agenda
>ahead of us. Today, Tom and I met with Brian Launder today and we
>are embarking on more comprehensive internal discussions to define
>the UMIST role more clearly.
>Just on the topic of Edinburgh, two areas they have that seem to be
>relatively less covered by the other 4 partners are:
>C sequestration: particularly John Grace and Paul Jarvis - who have
>excellent international reputations
>Carbon Trading: there is a centre working on carbon trading, headed
>up by Richard Tipper
>There are also other depts. that replicate some of our existing
>strengths (e.g. Bert Whittington in electrical engineering and Nick
>Hanley in Environmental economics). And then there is Steven Salter
>and wave power ....
>The weaknesses on the social science side between all partners, seem
>to me to be energy policy, energy modelling and empirical work on
>energy efficiency. (I may be in ignorance of work at CSERGE). I
>reckon we could buy in expertise in these areas where necessary -
>except possibly energy modelling, where a large start-up cost could
>occur. Imperial / Cambridge have a lead over us here. But the
>energy modelling I've seen tends to be lacking in integration, so we
>could put the onus on integration and developing new approaches.
>(Afterall, a lot of energy modelling to look at impacts of a carbon /
>energy tax has already been done - do we really need any more?). The
>more interesting / novel areas could be looking at economics of
>carbon trading, and looking at the costs and impacts of the energy
>tax both pre- and post its introduction in 2001.
>Best wishes for now
>Simon Shackley
>Dr Simon Shackley
>Lecturer in Environmental Management and Policy
>Manchester School of Management and UMIST Environment Programme
>UMIST, Manchester, M60 1QD, UK
>Tel: (0) 161 200 8781
>Fax: (0) 161 200 3505

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