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cc: Tom Wigley <>
date: Thu Jun 5 16:35:17 2008
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Some items of news!

I'd not read the copy I printed out yesterday. I just saw Houghton's picture.

Getting these FOI requests over the last couple of years has made me realize
more what you went through and Mike Mann. I was aware, but when you get the
emails yourself it hits home that little bit harder.
Pachauri won't bother with these sorts of things. Susan offered John Mitchell
some advice, but that was all. She did get tough with McIntyre when he began
requesting in press/submitted papers that were referred to in AR4 drafts - saying
he couldn't do an adequate review without seeing them. He stopped once she
threatened to remove him from the reviewer's list.
Holland is a retired engineer, and he sends numerous letters and emails to
DEFRA and MOHC and the Minister and his local MP. Attached is the sort
of missive he sent to the Garnaut review (an Australian review similar to the Stern
Report). No need to read this - you will get the flavour fairly quickly. The
unfortunate thing about all this is that they keep peddling the same sort of
thing that a few gullible people get taken in.
Keenan - the guy who accused Wei Chyung Wang of fraud doesn't yet seem
to know that SUNY have exonerated WCW. SUNY may not have told him yet.
I doubt he will take his web page down when he hears.
A lot of people seem to think that because you've been accused of something,
there must be something to warrant the accusation. Very few , including many
climate scientists seem to understand the amount of mischief making out there
- as we all know all too clearly.
At 16:05 05/06/2008, Ben Santer wrote:

Dear Phil,
In the "ENDS" piece about John Houghton, I saw that he was praised for defending the
IPCC against allegations of "scientific cleansing". That's a nice bit of revisionist
history. Actually, the IPCC did relatively little to defend me. Tom and I did nost of
the defending...
Best regards,
Phil Jones wrote:

Tom, Ben,

Jean's email is "Palutikof, Jean" <>
There is also another piece of news
on p29. You will need to download the whole pdf to get p29.
CRU/UEA is just above Tesco!
There are other pieces about Bob Watson, John Houghton, Met Office and others.
An annoying email from yesterday is attached!
We will likely be replying in a similar vein to our earlier, saying emails
between CLAs and LAs for Ch 6 were in confidence. We have emails
from all in Ch 6 to say the group doesn't want emails made available.
We will refer Holland to WG1 in Boulder - knowing that there is likely
only one person there keeping things ticking over till the TSU closes -
which it may have.
IPCC will have to alter those work guidelines to stop this sort of thing
next time. I'll be raising it with whoever is the next Susan. Decision
in early Sept - news is it will be one of Tom Karl, Ram, Brian Hoskins
or Thomas Stocker.
What will amuse is the paragraph about structured archiving. As you both
know Keith and me work on the sedimentary sequence approach to filing!
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