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date: Wed Aug 5 12:53:51 2009
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: Trevor Davies
to: Mike Salmon <>

at the end of the first paragraph of Trevor's page is said he eventually became Reader in
1998. You might want to check with him whether this is a typo (e.g. for 1988)? I'm sure
he was already a Prof when he was director of CRU in mid-90s.
also, on the CRU PhDs list
you have Phil Jones as co-supervising McSweeney CF, but it was just me in fact (Phil was
member of committee).
At 12:06 05/08/2009, you wrote:

Dear Board,
Trevor Davies office has contacted me to update his CRU webpage
We don't currently list Trevor as a member of CRU
Do we wish to list him? If so, under which (or what) heading?

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