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cc: Nathan Gillett <>
date: Mon Feb 28 14:57:32 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: idag report = and a tough question
to: Gabi Hegerl <>, Tom Crowley <>, myles <>, Nathan Gillett <>, Tim Barnett <>, Reiner Schnur <>

Dear All,
Obviously we should all discuss this when we meet at the end of the month.
Tim's idea of an annual meeting would be useful, even if we can't find a champion
or a theme for a further 3 years. We have been going for 9 years now, so maybe it
is time to call it a day. This isn't a great reason though. If the agencies are keen
and I think Anjuli is, probably more so than Ricky, then we should think of something
we can do.
We are running out of Americans though and need one of you to front it. Maybe
this was the idea that Gabi was thinking about suggesting David Karoly. The front
person can't be from one of the modelling centres or PCMDI, I would think. Myles could
take over, but I'm not sure the US would wear this.

At 22:01 21/02/2005, Gabi Hegerl wrote:

Hi funded idag people!
We need ca 1 page from you about what you did last year
on the grant, and what are your plans for this last year (so far, I only gor a bit from
Tim, but
TIm, could you add what plan is next year?). I append the work plan in
case you can't find it.
There is also a really tough question out: What next?? Our grant runs out in early 2006.
So this is our last year. We can do two things
- decide this is it, we have detected all signals we want to detect as a group and are
on to other stuff
- or do we want to continue? In that case, we'd need a vision and a new group leader.
Tom feels he
really is burned out and can't really contribute a vision for continuation. If all we do
is get
some extra money for what we do anyway, its also ethically questionable, at a time of
budget shortenings
of research in general.
If we feel as a group we can contribute (beyond emergency input to agencies, a lot of
we have done lately), then its a different matter. When I talked to Anjuli Bamzai
(Rick Petty's successor), she sounded very supportive and assumed that of course we'll
go for
another round. If we want another round, we would need another enthousiastic person to
run this (I can co it again, but don't want to do it alone), and a bit of a twist where
we are really
interested in going. Such as impacts and extremes, or so.
I personally am waffling between stopping here, or going maybe at reduced budget to fund
and some extra
work that we would find hard to do on our normal grants but that we find relevant. We
might consider
explicitly including Dave Karoly (funded, he is not funded right now).
Please think about this, and lets come up with an email consensus on this before we meet
(we don';t
want the agency guys watch us wonder what our purpose is). So I need your opinion on
this soon.
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