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date: Thu Feb 26 11:00:52 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Your warmth

WRT your embargo, the link to the Guardian piece may be interesting. NOAA has
also introduced an embargo as well. Tom Karl had a paper in Science in early Dec03
with Kevin Trenberth. He sent it up the chain of command beforehand and has he
got no response he submitted it. The higher-ups hadn't read it. Now when he submits
anything he has to get it signed off by the deputy head and the head of NOAA (the
Admiral). He was also told in December not to deal with the media when the paper
came out ! So the press interviewed Kevin instead to get his view. For NOAA they
had to talk to the deputy head who like the head is a political appointee.
Tom Karl is the Director of NCDC !
Would the meddling past Director be Bill Kininmonth, by any chance ? He's been
responding on several subjects on the main skeptic email list. Mike Manton told me he
was a pain in the backside even when he was director.
It seems to have been warm down your way. Oodnadatta with 9 nights above 30 C !
Paris has two nights in August with night mins above 25 C and 15,000 died. You've got
the air conditioning, I hope ! I've met two different people outside CRU who've told me
granny's were doing well until the warmth in August. Both said they haven't fully
yet from the near 38C we had then for a few days.

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Careful with that planet, Mr President
Diana Liverman spent years as a senior climate adviser in the US. Now back
in the UK, she argues for American scientists to be freed from their fear
of speaking out on global warming - before it's too late.

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