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date: Tue, 06 Feb 2001 16:46:39 +0000
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: SOAP

Dear all,

I've just got back from a few days away, which is the reason for the lack
of progress on the proposal. I'm away again tomorrow (Wednesday) too.
This is unfortunate, but cannot be helped. Keith has made some progress
with overall project rationale, objectives, and workpackage 3
(palaeoclimate reconstruction). This is currently being typed. There's
still much left to do.

The proposal has to be finished next Tuesday (13th Feb) so we can get it to
Brussels in time.

A3 forms:

MAD (formerly MPG.IMET): Will arrive Monday?
GKSS: I've spoken to Julie about this
Marseille: No
Amsterdam: No

Could the 'No's let me know when I can expect their forms?


MET OFFICE: Update from last year required, incl. relevant refs + sea level.
MAD: Yes
GKSS: Update from last year required
Marseille: No
Amsterdam: No


I know this is difficult, because until the science is written, it's
difficult to know how many months are required etc. However, we did
provide a guideline to aim for. Unfortunately, because of the last minute
rush with the science, you will have to estimate a budget/months and then
make sure that there is enough science to justify it. That's not the ideal
way to go, but it's what we have to do. You can work out your own
consumables, equipment & computing. With regard to travel, assume 6
project meetings within the EU, of about 3 nights each. This is 2 meetings
per year (though they may not all be meetings of the entire group at once).
Work out how many people from your institution will attend each meeting (1
or 2 people). Add something small for conference travel.


MET OFFICE: I've spoken to Simon about this
MAD: Reiner - I'll reply soon
GKSS: I've spoken to Julie about this
Marseille: We had an earlier discussion about this, but still need final
figures from you I think
Amsterdam: No

I'll try to reply to some of your individual questions this evening.
Please remember to cc all replies to as well.



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