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date: Wed Jan 28 09:22:04 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: ROG
to: "Michael E. Mann" <>

Emails here coming in random orders - virus emails clogging up the main machines !
I have the revised draft - just need to check I pick the later one. Will double check.
I'll await revised Figs 5 and 8 from Scott. With these I can submit. Will do next week
after a good go through at the weekend.
I think the ms is excellent. I'm also proud as well. A lot of effort has gone into
this, from
the two of us, I just hope it gets well received. It should.
At 23:03 27/01/2004 -0500, you wrote:

Phil, I've made one further change in the figure captions of Figure 5 and Figure 8.
Apparently, the inconsistency was weather the instrumental record was used through 2003
or 1999 (makes a huge difference, and Scott wasn't consistent in the different plots).
I've made sure we use the 1856-2003 series in both Figures 5 and 8. So scott is
preparing yet a further revision of both figures. Stay tuned for this.
Meanwhile, I've attached the revised ROG draft w/ the appropriate changes made in the
Figure 5 and 8 captions,
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