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date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 10:34:37 +0100
from: Meric Srokosz <>
subject: decision required

Dear all - after consultation with her co-Is, Julia Slingo has decided
to postpone submission of her modelling proposal to a future Rapid
AO, rather than submit a full proposal at this point. I understand
that the aim is to get some infrastructure in place first and then to
submit a more Rapid focused proposal later.

As a result we have slight problem with regard to the outline bid
submitted by Rowan Sutton, which was rejected to a large extent
on the basis that it should be subsumed into Julia's full bid. Having
spoken to one of the introducers of the Sutton outline bid (the other
unfortunately is abroad) the suggestion is that Rowan should
now be allowed to proceed with a full bid (obviously taking account
of the comments made on his outline bid).

The decision I require from the Steering Committee is whether, in the
changed circumstances, we allow Rowan Sutton to now submit a full

Can you pease e-mail a YES (proceed) or NO (leave things as is)
by next Tuesday (if he is to submit a full bid that will give him 3
weeks to the deadline).

Regards, Meric

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Science Coordinator NERC Rapid Climate Change Programme

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