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date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 13:02:39 -0400
from: "Michael E. Mann" <>
subject: Re: few potential slides .....
to: Keith Briffa <>

Hi Keith,
I've had a chance to put together a revised presentation. You can download the revised
presentation here:
I've looked over the various slides and the comments, and I think I can describe these all
adequately. I think we have very much the same big-picture message, so that makes this
easy. I've tried to organize the revised presentation thematically, combining your slides
w/ mine in what I thought would be the most logical order and allow for the most coherent
I've obviously had to cut out quite a bit (both from my presentation, and some of the
slides you sent too), to get this down to a manageable 45 minute presentation w/ time for
questions (I limited it to 31 slides). I think there is some built in redundancy since for
examle, the plot I show from the Jones and Mann ROG paper shows the ECHO simulation along
w/ the others, etc...
Let me know if you have any remaining comments. Will let you know how it all goes...
p.s. I let Scott know he should be receiving comments from you on the J. Climate paper
shortly. thanks for getting to this so quickly...
At 10:22 AM 6/11/2004, you wrote:

like the presentation (as did in Tucson). As I promised , here are few slides that you
might want to use also - just to extend the data/model comparison aspect. They are all
well documented in notes - and most are from stuff Tim and I are working on now (he
produced the files). Other than the one from our earlier Science comment piece (that I
know you are well aware of anyway - but might be a useful illustration of the scaling
problem ) , these are relatively new - and all (except the one from our paper with Phil)
unpublished as yet). The first is an updated version of the last Figure in the Bradley
et al article in the PAGES synthesis book - and shows the detection issue well.The later
ones showing the large scale temperature comparisons and extended seasonality analysis
using the UK and German model output from the "natural" (pre-1750) and " with additional
anthropogenic forcing" (post -1750) runs from SOAP , I think represent interesting and
right-up-to-date information. The talk is nice as it is - and the need to point to more
carefully defined model-model and data-data (reconstructions) as well as data-model
comparisons is well made.
I am trying to phone , but if I can't get through , good luck. I am going through
Scott's paper now (little to say - it turned out well)and we will submit Tim's (the one
referred to in the former) by next week.
Hope to work with you and Malcolm soon on the reanalysis of the US tree-ring data.
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