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date: Wed Mar 3 10:51:07 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: CET daily data for DOE renewal
to: Andrew Robertson <>

Attached is the daily CET series from 1772 to 2003. Format should be pretty clear.
Each year is a block, days down, months along. Units are degC*10 and -999 is missing.
Missing only occurs on non-existent days in the 12 by 31 matrix for a year.
I can also send max and min daily temps for 1878-2003. The file have sent is mean
daily temps (based from 1878 on the average of max and min). The CET series is
discussed in Parker et al. (1992) in IJC and is corrected for a slight urban warming
effect. For 1772-1973 the monthly average should equal the numbers in Manley (1974).
I'm hopeful of sometime going back and redoing the whole Manley thing. The HC will
have a load of daily digitised series for different parts of the UK in the next year or
and we'll be able to check what he did - or try and figure out what he might have done.
Bottom line is that he got it right most of the time, but not always. He has Oxford and
Cambridge data in at times and Oxford has a slight urban warming bias for some decades
between 1881 and 1940. No-one knows how Manley did it or what series he used. Just
documenting it all for posterity would be good !
If you look at Climatic Change (2002) Vol 53 1-3, you'll see a special issue on the
EU-funded IMPROVE project. I can send these daily series - back to late 18th century
for Padua, Milan, Stockholm, Uppsala, Cadiz, Brussells if you want. These are temperature
and MSLP. All similar format to CET, but some have some real missing data.
As for rain, there is a long daily series for Armagh (back to 1840) on the Armagh
web site. We have some others here but I'm not supposed to pass them on. Also look
at the European Climate Assessment project on the KNMI web site - daily series
for Europe from 1901 onwards. Downloading them is a pain - one by one - so go to the
CRU site, then projects, then STARDEX and get them all in one go with a link. There are
papers on analyses of these in IJC and J. Climate in the last year or two.
Don't bother with BADC - it is a pain.
I'm on a different timetable to you with DoE. I've just heard I'm being renewed. Need
to send
a revised budget.
At 17:08 02/03/2004 -0500, you wrote:

Hi Phil,
I'm looking for long daily datasets to propose using as part of our DOE renewal
proposal! The idea is to use probabilistic network modes (HMMs) of the sort we've been
developing under our previous DOE support, to look at non-stationarity in daily weather
statistics. (This would NOT be the "terascale" part of our proposal!!)
Would the daily CET record be available to use? I thought it would be an excellent
candidate. I started to apply for it, to gauge how much missing data there is. I
downloaded the BADC form, but got scared by the "Excess Charges" bit right at the end,
though I guess this is harmless. Should I just sign & return?
Do you happen to know of any long rainfall datasets?
cheers, Andy
.. and good luck with your own proposal, if you're submitting!
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