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date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 10:57:09 -0000
from: "Jean Palutikof" <>
subject: FW: Wolfson Foundation
to: <>

As you will see from the message below, Wolfson are coming to look at their
building on Wednesday.

It is imperative (can't think of a stronger word, but would use it if I
could) that it looks its best.

Sue will be harassing you over the next couple of days to get stuff shifted.
Please co-operate.

If you are aware of any building defect which could be fixed by Wednesday,
please let either me or Sue know - there's a good chance we can get it
fixed. This is all on the principle of if it moves, salute it, if it
doesn't, paint it white.


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From: Christine Flack []
Sent: 28 January 2000 10:07
To: Jean Palutikof
Subject: Re: Wolfson Foundation

I've just spoken to Lucy Richmond (who is Joseph Saunders' secretary in
Estates) and she tells me that Mr Enefer from the Wolfson Foundation and
Tony Evans OR Joseph Saunders (not Richard Goodall) will be coming to look
at the CRU building round about noon on 2 February. They don't want to have
a scientific chat - just an architectural look around. I think you or Phil
should be present just so that you are in the picture, and Trevor also wants
to drop in after teaching (10-12) to meet them. Trevor says if you want
anything fixed in a hurry by Maintenance or technical help in shifting
anything, please let him know, and, as you suggest, perhaps Sue et al. could
make sure the place looks reasonably tidy. Thanks.

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From: Jean Palutikof <>
To: Christine Flack <>
Cc: Phil Jones <>
Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 2:57 PM
Subject: RE: Wolfson Foundation

>Hi Chris
>If you look on the staircase wall on Floor 01, there's actually a plaque to
>say that Wolfson put up the cash.
>I am around on the 2nd but in a meeting with Nirex from 11 onwards - if
>come into the CRU Library I'll meet them then. Phil is here and will cope.
>I'll ask Sue etc. to make sure the building is tidy.
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Christine Flack []
>> Sent: 25 January 2000 14:24
>> To: J.Palutikof@uea; P.Jones@uea
>> Subject: Wolfson Foundation
>> Jean/Phil,
>> I have had a message from Ros Pye (VC's PA). She's had a call from a man
>> called Enefer (from the Wolfson Foundation) who wants to look at the CRU
>> building at 12 noon on 2 February. Mr Enefer is in Cambridge that
>> and thinks he can be at UEA by 12 noon. Apparently the Wolfson
>> Foundation
>> gave 385,000 pounds back in ?86. Richard Goodall from Estates will be
>> speaking to Enefer soon and would like to be present on the 2nd February.
>> Trevor also will try to attend. Are either or both of you around at this
>> time?
>> Chris

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