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date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 14:10:47 +0100
from: "B. Schmidt" <>
subject: Article for Holocene

Dear Keith,

my best wishes for 2001. I hope You are well.

In november I sent a manuscript (Tree Ring Growth Homogeneity Responds
to Sun Activity) to Holocene, and have now new results which should also
be considered.

1.) We have now the general homogeneity pattern for western Europe
(temperate, humid climate) with a significant anticorrelation to
sunspots r= 0.67; t-value=12!; correlation to Finland/ Norway: very low.

2.) We also have the homogeneity pattern of Italy (Alps, 1700 m NN) and
Spain (1700 m NN), tree ring data supplied by Fritz Schweingruber, which
strongly anticorrelates to the west European pattern (r=0.7; t=15), but
correlates highly to the sunspot curve (r=0.71).

In view of this data, I would like to emphasize more the distinction between
a) humid, temperate
b) boreal and mountain area
climates, and to reduce the emphasis on solar activity. This is also the
opinion of Fritz Schweingruber.

With best regards,

Burghart Schmidt.


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