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date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 17:37:31 +0100
from: "Janice Darch" <>
subject: Details FP7 Environment
to: <env.faculty@uea>, <env.researchstaff@uea>

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FP7 Cooperation - Environment - Update

Information type

UKRO has obtained further information on what might be covered under FP7 Cooperation Theme
6 Environment (including climate change). UKRO understands that early plans are to split
the Environment Work Programme into five activity areas: climate change, pollution and
risks; sustainable management of resources; environmental technologies; earth observation
and assessment tools; and horizontal actions. As mentioned at the UKRO Annual Conference
there will be an annual Work Programme for the FP7 Environment theme, and there is likely
to be one call per year. The work programme is also expected to include an outline of
possible topics for later years.

ELOs and sponsors

Important reminder
Please note that discussions on the Work Programmes are ongoing, and that the Commission's
proposals are subject to approval from the relevant Programme Management Committee (PMC)
for FP7, after formal approval of the overall Framework Programme and Specific Programmes
by the European Council and Parliament. UKRO would therefore remind subscribers to be
cautious when considering these topics, as these are liable to change significantly.
Potential applicants should not prepare applications until the final Work Programmes and
Calls for Proposals are available.
Background and structure
The FP7 Environment theme will follow on from previous Framework Programmes, but will also
be the result of extensive consultations.
As mentioned in the Cooperation Specific Programme proposals, the Environment work
programme will be structures around 4 themes:
* Climate Change, Pollution and Risks
* Sustainable Management of Resources
* Environmental Technologies
* Earth Observation and Assessment tools

The Specific Programme proposals highlighted the importance of Climate Change, Environment
and Health, and Environmental Technologies to European policy. UKRO understands that the
Commission also intend a new emphasis in the Work Programme on the importance of some
additional topics to policy development, namely Earth Observation, Environment and Health
and Marine Sciences (in light of the policy support that will be needed to back up the EU
current development of an EU Maritime Policy).
Timing of calls
At a consultation on Environment and Health earlier this year, the Commission explained
that they have analysed the content and completion date of environmental projects funded
under FP5 and FP6. They will then use information on the completion dates for these topics
to work out the timing of calls within the Environment Work Programme for FP7. Generally,
if a specific topic has a project currently underway under FP5/6, the call for any
follow-up projects in the same area is likely to occur after the existing project has been
completed, so that the new projects can build on the research of the completed project.
Horizontal issues
UKRO understands that the horizontal issues that will cut across the work programme (such
as: SME relevant research; international cooperation; responding to emerging needs and
policy relevant research; and dissemination actions) will be particularly emphasised
throughout the Environment Work Programme, and that the Work Programme will also include a
summary highlighting which call topics are particularly related to:
* SME relevant research;
* International Collaboration Partner Country (ICPC) activities;
* Cross thematic issues (with other themes in Cooperation);
* Dissemination actions, which are likely to relate to both `research to policy' and
`science and society' issues;
* Emerging needs.

It now seems likely that the Environment Work Programme for 2007 will look at ERA NETS
strategically, rather than bottom up. UKRO understands that there are plans to hold ERA-NET
calls on specific topics where there is a demand for ERA-NETS, and that Commission
consultations have been useful in identifying topics suitable for ERA-NETS.
Project types
In FP7, the funding mechanisms/instruments will be: collaborative projects (which replace
STREPS and IPs from FP6), networks of excellence, coordination and support actions.
Possible topics for 2007 Calls for the theme on Environment (including climate change)
Initial indications are that the following topics could be open under the 2007 call, but
please note that these are only early provisional indications for topics, and are likely to
change. Please also note that any budgets mentioned are indicative budgets only, and are
also subject to change.
Pressures on the environment and climate (39 million)
* The earth system and climate: functioning and abrupt changes
+ Stability of the thermohaline circulation
* Emissions and Pressures: natural and anthropogenic
+ Megacities, air quality and climate
* The global carbon cycle greenhouse gas budget
+ Ocean acidification and its consequences
* Future climate
+ Topic not likely to be open in 2007
* Climate change - natural and socio-economic impacts
+ Climate change and impacts in national water policies
+ Climate change impacts on vulnerable mountain regions
+ Past and future climate change impacts in the Parana-Plata South American basin
* Response strategies: adoption, mitigation and policies
+ Full costs of climate change
+ Effectiveness of adaptation and mitigation measures related to changes of the
hydrological cycles and its extremes
+ Impacts and feedbacks of climate change policies on land use and ecosystems in

Environment and Health (21 million)
* Health effects of exposure to environmental stressors
+ Indoor air pollution in Europe: and emerging environmental health issue
+ Environmental factors and their impact on reproduction and development
* Integrated approaches for environment and health risk assessment
+ European network on human biomonitoring
+ European cohort on air pollution
+ Health impacts of drought and desertification including related socio-economics
* Delivery of methods and decision support tools for risk analysis and policy development
+ Geographical information systems in support for environment and health research
+ ERA-NET for environment and health

Natural Hazards (14 million)
* Hazard assessment, triggering factors and forecasting
+ European storm risk
* Vulnerability assessment and social impacts
+ Frame for better vulnerability assessment
* Risk assessment and management
+ Assessing and managing volcanic threat
+ Harmonising avalanche forecasting, risk mapping and warning
+ Investigating Europe's risk from droughts
* Multi-risk evaluation and mitigation strategies
+ European (multi) hazard database analysis


Conservation and sustainable management of natural and manmade resources (30 million)
* Integrated resources management
+ Topic not likely to be open in 2007
* Water resources
+ Groundwater systems management
+ River basin twinning initiatives as a tool to implement EU water initiatives
+ Temporary water bodies management
+ Integrated resources management in international cooperation partner countries
* Soil Research and desertification
+ Transect approach to desertification
* Biodiversity
+ Contribution of biodiversity to ecosystem services
+ Use of natural resources: the impact on biodiversity, ecosystem, goods and
+ Biodiversity values, sustainable use and livelihoods
* Urban development
+ Urban metabolism and resource optimisation in the urban fabric
* Consumption patterns
+ Consumption patterns
* Integrated forest research
+ Topic not likely to be open in 2007

Evolution on Marine Environments (23 million)
* Marine Resources
+ Development of advanced ecosystem models and methodologies for the management and
the sustainable use of resources
+ Ecology of important marine species
+ Habitat-marine species interactions in view of ecosystem based management in the
+ Dynamic of the marine ecosystem in a changing environment
+ Deep ocean geophysical and biological processes
+ Investigating life in extreme environments
+ Promoting access to information across marine themes
+ Fostering improved cooperation between marine science and the private sector
+ Access to and the recovery of marine data from previous FP projects

Environmental technologies for the sustainable management and conservation of the natural
and manmade environment (41 million)
* Water
+ Innovative technologies for sustainable water use in industries
+ Technologies for measuring and monitoring networks
* Soil
+ Development and improvement of technologies for data collection and (digital) soil
+ Development of technologies and tools for soil contamination assessment and site
characterisation, towards sustainable remediation
* Waste
+ Development of integrated waste technologies for maximising material and energy
resource/recycling of the organic (humid) fraction of municipal solid waste
+ New technologies for waste sorting
+ Networking and preparatory action in view of developing cost-effective,
environmentally-safe waste treatment technologies adapted to the needs of
developing countries, within a targeted life cycle approach.
* Clean technologies
+ Networking and preparatory action in view of control of mercury in industrial
processes and products
* Built environment
+ Low resource consumption buildings and infrastructure
+ Performance indicators for health, comfort and safety of the indoor built

Protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage (7 million)
* Assessment and conservation in cultural heritage
+ Damage assessment, diagnosis, and monitoring for the preventative conservation and
maintenance of cultural heritage
* Networking, knowledge transfer and optimisation of results in cultural heritage
+ Preservation of the tangible cultural heritage
+ Consolidation and dissemination of results related to cultural heritage
* Environmental technologies for archaeology and landscapes
+ Topic not likely to be open in 2007
* Fostering the integration of cultural heritage in urban and rural strategies
+ Topic not likely to be open in 2007

Technology assessment, verification and testing (5 million)
* Risk assessment of chemicals and alternative strategies for testing
+ In-silico techniques for hazard-, safety-, and environmental risk-assessment
+ Defining a long-term research strategy for the full replacement of animal test for
repeat dose system toxicity
* Technology assessment
+ Topic not likely to be open in 2007
* Environmental technologies verification and testing
+ Topic not likely to be open in 2007

Earth Observation (22 million)
* Integration of European activities within GEO
+ Monitoring of the carbon cycle at global level
+ Contribution to a global biodiversity observation system
* Crosscutting research activities relevant to GEO
+ ERA-NET for national earth observation programmes
+ Contributing to the development of a worldwide network on in-situ observatories
for seismogenic hazards
* Earth observation activities in emerging areas
+ Application of Earth Observations to environmental and health issues
+ Monitoring the ocean interior, seafloor, and subseafloor
+ Development of a global soil observing system
* Developing capacity building activities in the domain of earth observation in
developing countries
+ Georesource information system for Africa
+ Improving observing systems for water resource management
+ GEOnetcast applications for developing countries
+ Support to the functioning of the GEO Secretariat

Assessment tools for sustainable development (10 million)
* Assessment tools and models, foresight and scenarios for sustainable development: the
environment as an economic opportunity
+ Strategies to transform the environment challenge into an economic challenge into
an economic development opportunity
+ Improved tools and methods to analyse the sustainable development implications of
the EU Financial Perspective revision (2008-9)
+ Tools and methods for sot-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis of environmental
policies in international collaboration partner countries
* Sustainable development indicators and externalities
+ Topic not likely to be open in 2007
* Multifunctional land use for sustainable development
+ Methodologies for scaling down the analysis of policy impacts on multifunctional
land uses, from economy-wide to the regional and local level
* Engaging civil society in research on sustainable development
+ Revisiting assessment tools and strategies in fields related to sustainable

6.5 HORIZONTAL ACTIONS (1 million)
Dissemination activities
* Dissemination and broadcasting of scientific data and information

Possible topics for future calls in later years
As mentioned by the Commission at the UKRO Annual Conference, UKRO understands that the
2007 Environment Work programme will also include an initial outline of what call topics
might be in the later years. UKRO understands that these are only intended to give
researchers an outline of what might possibly be on the horizon for the future, i.e. these
topics are only indicative, and may be subject to change during 2007. It is expected that
the structure (i.e. the first three levels of headings) used to classify the calls might
mostly be the same as the structure used for the 2007 call topics.

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