Saturday, June 9, 2012


date: Fri Aug 4 10:32:07 2000
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Some food for thought re the MWP and the LIA
to: tom crowley <>

Dear Tom,
Keith and I don't have the Sierra tree-ring records. We presume you
mean the Sierra Nevada ones (unless you're thinking of other Sierra's,
which is just like saying mountains !). In Mann et al (99) in GRL they
described a correction to the long bristlecone series to 'deal' with
something odd in the series. This might be the same thing you're finding.
So try Mike's paper and/or get in touch with Malcolm Hughes.

A few days ago you sent me an extra diagram that you put together related
to the Science paper. I have to prepare a conference proceedings paper
for a meeting Tenerife on solar variability and climate in Sept. Can I use
it with acknowledgement as an example of the EBM and the fit ?
I gather from emails from Dietz that the conference will bring the
discussion on solar/greenhouse forcing to a head. I'll be using some
of your Science figures as well in the talk as I'll need some ammunition
to defend your, mine and Mike's work !


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