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cc: Keith Briffa <>
date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 14:27:16 +0100
from: "Tett, Simon" <>
subject: Bristlecones!
to: Tim Osborn <>

Tim (CC Keith),
John Houghton is being quized by bits of the US senate. One question is
"Whats the status of the review of the Mann hockey stick temperature
curve? I understand that studies by Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick
suggest that it relied on the statistically insignificant bristlecone
pine. Is the IPCC taking another look at that work, which forms the
basis for much of todays climate change debate?"

My current thoughts on an answer is to say that other reconstructions
show a similar pattern (though not magnitude). However how many of the
other reconstructions use the bristlecone data? [I suspect yours does

many thanks

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