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date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 09:14:47 +0100
from: "Rob Allan" <>
subject: ACRE Zurich meeting Actions

Dear All,
I've attached here the set of Actions that were agreed at
the ACRE Workshop in Zurich last month in advance of the full report
on the meeting, which we're still working up. This will give WG
leaders and all participants information on what we need to do to take
the initiative further.

I'll also send through the minutes of a small UK meeting
under ACRE on Archives and Climate Change which was held at Queensland
House last Friday (11th of July) for information on the data and
archives area of ACRE activity.

Cheers, Rob.
ACRE Working groups

1. Data Rescue (Rob Allan)

2. Downscaling (Antonio Corfino)

3. Verification and Validation
(Gil Compo)
4. User requirements and applications (Roger Stone)

Action1: ACRE to contact ECSN to discuss the needs of ACRE and to
explore how to work well with ECSN

Actrion2: ACRE to request guidance and information on data policy

Action3: ACRE to contact GEO/GEOSS to make them aware of the activity
and link to a GEO task sheet

Action4: ACRE to explore the possibility of making a presentation at
the ECSN management meeting

ACTION5: ACRE should establish which Inter-governmental teams (e.g.
WMO CaGM, CCl, ET2.2, ETCCDI, GCOS focal points, WMO/IOC JCOMM etc.)
are (a) relevant to ACRE and (b) could assist ACRE

ACTION6: ACRE to set up a web page on the ACRE site to promote data
rescue and expose the use of their data, applications etc.

ACTION7: Phil to send the list of GCOS PRs to Rob with an explanation
of proper process regarding collaboration for data access and rescue.

ACTION8: Gil Compo to provide a summary of the problems with lack of
MSLP data in the early part of the record to be sent to WMO Etienne
Charpantier with a request for help

ACTION9: An inventory of data used/available etc will be developed
(Russ Vose NCDC) and put on the ACRE web site to complement that
already provided by Rob Allan

ACTION10: All to have a look at the ACRE web site and pass feedback
and suggestions on improvements

ACTION11: (Gil Compo) ACRE web site to include a Wiki/interactive
blog?/comms tool/dairy to enable on-line discussion of major issues.

ACTION12: NCDC can check the possibility of archiving digital images
of lohgbooks etc. (Rob Allan, Russ Vose NCDC) link to Action1�3

ACTION13: Rob to put up a page on the ACRE web site that will explain
what needs to be done for digitisation and how people can get
involved. The page could explore a 'SETI' type community approach to
community digitisation which would require a web interface and
guidance on how to digitize data (FAQ or more detailed). Promote the
Google Earth successes of Brohan et al (visual seduction�), identify
the needs (Remarks books etc)

ACTION 14: ACRE web site to include guidance on how to do data rescue
� link to MEDARE project � FAQ and perhaps more � how to do this and
what is best practice (how should this be done?). IMMA format?,
verification? Validation? Tools? Problems and pitfalls? Successes?

ACTION15: Saki Uppala to explore early archives at WMO (check with Saki)

ACTION16: (Roger Stone) Explore if a student could be deployed to try
and help digitise the UKHO/US NOAA Central Library Remarks Books

ACTION17 (Stefan Bronnimann, Rob Allan) Has a web interface and 19
students to digitize data which could be used as a model system for
ACRE. ACRE to explore how this system could be (a) promoted and (b)
be used as a baseline system for further international STI Data Rescue

ACTION18: Rob Allan to provide a list of monthly pressure data station
list of the world for HadSLP and put on ACRE web pages

ACTION19: Rob Allan, Markus Erhard, Roger Stone. to make contact with
the Global Vegetation Modelling community. Applications, use iof the
model inter-compariosn etc

Action20: Roger link to FEAST, QERCI EU- Australia projects

Action21: ACRE to reach out and ensure good connection to the people
who are doing the raw data recovery � at the next meeting

Action22: Have a target for data recovery as a countdown - % done bar
on the web site � church appeal style

Action23: WG chairs to develop ToR and plan of work with some deliverables

Action24: (Rob Allan and Jan Klein) ACRE top seek advice on how best
to work with the reinsurance industry (Bermuda)

Action25: Rob and Xiaolan work towards a WMO article

Action 26: Rob publish a formal pdf report of the meeting to help
future funding of ACRE activities

Action 27: Rob Allan and others to explore an web site
including oceans etc.

Action 28: Rob Allan to set up some top level (i.e. limited updates if
any required) multi lingual web pages (Albert Klein-Tank DU, Carlotta
Grossi ES, Xiaolan Wang CN, Stefan Bronnimann GR, Sylvie Jourdain FR)

Action 29: ALL to advocate ACRE at national and international
conferences, workshops etc.

Action 30 Martin Juckes to explore convening a session on ACRE at EGU

Action 31: Rob Allan to provide guidance on bringing the WG outputs
together at the end of ACRE � top level objectives etc

Dr Rob Allan,
ACRE Project Manager,
Climate Monitoring and Attribution Group,
Met Office Hadley Centre.
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Phone: +44 (0)1392 886904
Fax: +44 (0)1392 885681
International phone: +44 1392 886552
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