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cc: "Susan Solomon" <>
date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 23:51:03 -0700
from: Jonathan Overpeck <>
subject: Fwd: gabi's 1500-year reconstruction
to: Eystein Jansen <>, Keith Briffa <>

Hi guys - great timing here for this message from Francis, and I don't think we can (or
should) do anything. It seems Gabi's recon is in press, and that's the way it is. I suspect
Gabi's J Clim paper will come out before the TOD too, but since it's in press in Nature,
it's published.

I don't think the IPCC has to provide anything beyond the report - in fact, I'm almost sure
Susan made this point to me/a bigger group already. I'll cc this to her, just so she know's
what might be coming, but I think we're fine. M&M can get Congress to ask the FBI to secret
Gabi away forever for doing her science the accepted way. Seriously, it's up to her to make
things available as appropriate.

Of course, I could be too sleep-deprived too. Am I correct in my assessment? I don't feel
like calling Gabi at 2am (her time) to discuss making changes (e.g., to text, let along
figs) that it's too late to make anyhow. I'll respond to Francis after I hear from you.

Anyhow, I'm just about to send the full SOD text back to Norway for final minor editing. It
looks good.

Best, peck

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Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 17:11:24 -0800
From: Francis Zwiers <>
To: Jonathan Overpeck <>
Cc: Gabi Hegerl <>
Subject: gabi's 1500-year reconstruction

Hi Peck,
I just got a call from Gabi, who spent the day in Washington at that NAS panel on the
hockey stick. She doesn't have access to e-mail today, and so asked me to convey a
McIntyre and McKittrick were there, and seem to have left Gabi with the strong
impression that they will be insisting on having access to supporting data, etc., used
to build reconstructions. Gabi says that this is making her nervous, wants to make sure
that you are aware of the status of her reconstruction, and wants to be sure that you
are comfortable with continuing to use it in Ch 6. She says that if you feel it
necessary to exclude her reconstruction from your SOD of Ch 6, you should do so. The
reconstruction is used in her Nature paper on sensitivity, which has been accepted, but
the Nature paper does not describe the reconstruction or the supporting data in any
detail. There is a paper under review at J. Climate that does do that (which is cited
in the Nature paper), but unfortunately, an editorial decision is still pending.
I hope that I've conveyed her message correctly. If you have a few minutes, it might be
a good idea to give Gabi a call on her cell at bit later this evening (919 451 2773).
Cheers, Francis
PS - hope things are progressing with your chapter. Things are a bit hectic here!

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