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date: Tue Jun 24 10:09:31 2003
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: Hellooooo- back
to: "Raymond S. Bradley" <>

Hi Ray
thanks for the communication -
True I had said to Malcolm that I thought you had expunged me from your "people to interact
with " list - most likely because of my extremely poor contribution to (and lack of frank
communication over ) the Chapter in the PAGES book. Truth is , my back was bad and got
worse towards the end of last year and I had to drop a couple of things , which I really do
not like doing. I could have said a lot more about the Chapter but the main content was
good and as you put in so much effort on it I did not want to seem churlish . I still think
it is very useful summary of the state of things , which is what it was meant to be. I hope
that did not influence your judgement re that Palaeoclimate Group , for which you have
mistakenly chosen to include Phil instead of me !
Now to the comments re the EOS piece. I believe you criticised the inclusion of the 2000
(Eurasian ) tree-ring series (since reiterated by Malcolm). Fair enough , though again
misguided in my opinion if on the basis of "contains few data " or " has weak climate
response" . I was perfectly happy to drop it ( I never suggested its inclusion in the
first place), but I find it somewhat ironic that it should be replaced with the latest
(Mann and Jones) series that contains the same three series plus a mixture of other far
more dubious (not to say bad ) series - I agree with the remarks you made re some of these
(particularly the Chinese series) in your recent email to someone. I consider that this new
series (plus the illustration of the Western US series in the EOS) piece will "stimulate
further discussion " in the field , both between we palaeo-types and the Sceptics . I and
Tim have been left to submit this and the balance of pressure seems to be to submit as is -
if we remove the suspicious Chinese series we would have to delay things further (Ellen is
hassling for us to submit) and , anyway, it is still contained in the Long series. I am of
the opinion that the points made in the piece still stand - and by signing on , we are not
individually sanctioning all the curves or data used in the illustrations ( There are
genuine problems with ALL of them). We will therefore , add Malcolm's name and submit the
version we now have. Hope this OK with all.
Finally, Mike and I have been asked (by Lennart Bengtsson) to present a paper at the
CLIVAR/PAGES Conference next year in Baltimore
Our bit is about the climate (Global /Hemisphere ) of the instrumental period , but I
take this to be the last 1000 years . We will be asking our co conspirators (ie the EOS
list) to be joint contributors (though Peck is presenting another similar subject (longer
period) paper - the precise balance between these time scales needs to be struck yet). Also
I am organising a session at a European Community Conference to be held next year in
Holland - my session is "How warm was the Medieval period in the context of the late
Holocene" and although I will probably not be asking you (or me!) to present one of the two
invited papers (but I might end up asking you) I hope and expect that you, and the rest
,to agree to be authors of one of them. I hope you will be able to ? I believe you are
writing a paper with Malcolm and Henry on the MWP? Can you give me an idea of its scope ? I
am hoping to do something of a large review of the "contribution of tree-ring data to
global climate histories" along with Ed and others.
Sorry about you problems , but remember life is sweet and best wishes to Jane.
At 02:31 PM 6/22/03 -0400, you wrote:

Hi Keef:
Why is it raining so much here? New York has just surpassed the June 1903 record of
~10inches, and it's only June 22nd....right now it's teeming down...could be a monsoon.
No doubt global warming must have something to do with it...or that cut-off Low that's
stuck here...
Malcolm said you are feeling a bit better after a pretty rough time of it. I've been
meaning to write and give you my sympathy. I've occasionally had back problems that
have been debilitating, but nothing like you've had, I'm sure. Anyway, I was happy to
hear that things are picking up for you.
The last month here has been pretty grim--the Soon & Baliunas business has opened my
eyes to the devious and cynical nature of the Bush Administration--it's far worse than I
imagined. Pretty depressing. Then the University budget got slaughtered-- we've had
cuts amounting to 29% over the last couple of years....and I also had a couple of NSF
proposals turned down....then Jane's knee problems forced us to cancel our walking
holiday in France.
Time to move to Canada --or anywhere-- I think...
I reckon we've had an inch of rain in the past two hours.....high temperature for the
year was back in April....
So I hope I cheered you up!
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