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date: Tue Sep 5 16:38:54 2006
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: Access to ECHO-G data
to: David Preece <>

Hi David,
I'm just back from 2 weeks holiday and catching up with emails. Thanks for yours which
arrived just as I was about to leave. Yes you can use the ECHO-G data for your PhD work.
Access is similar to the HadCM3 data, but the username/password are different:
and you can get them from here:
Note that the ECHO-G simulation has some strong temperature trends in the early centuries
because it was started from a relatively warm initial state and gradually cooled down, and
also has strong warming in the last 100 years probably because they did not include the
cooling effects of anthropogenic tropospheric sulphate aerosols, though these would have
affect the northern hemisphere far more than S. Africa, so perhaps not so much problem for
you? These two issues were explained in the attached paper.
Best wishes and good luck with your use of the data,
At 16:15 17/08/2006, you wrote:

Dear Dr. Osborn,
I'm a PhD student investigating decadal variability in southern Africa. I'm
already using some of the SOAP project's HadCM3 data and Simon Tett's
experiments, but I would like to try and validate some of the work with
multi-model comparisons.
Is it possible to arrange access to ECHO-G long integrations under the SOAP
page, and how would I go about making this arrangement?
David Preece
David Preece
Department of Geography, UCL

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