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date: Mon, 12 May 2008 18:52:20 -0700
from: Ben Santer <>
subject: Second review of IJoC paper
to: "Thorne, Peter" <>, Leopold Haimberger <>, Karl Taylor <>, Tom Wigley <>, John Lanzante <>,, Melissa Free <>, peter gleckler <>, "'Philip D. Jones'" <>, Thomas R Karl <>, Steve Klein <>, carl mears <>, Doug Nychka <>, Gavin Schmidt <>, Steven Sherwood <>, Frank Wentz <>

Dear folks,

I just received the second review of our IJoC paper (see appended PDF
file). This was sent to me directly by the Reviewer (Francis Zwiers).
Francis's comments are very thorough and constructive. They are also
quite positive. I don't see any show stoppers. I'll work on a response
this week.

The third review is still outstanding. I queried Glenn McGregor about
this, and was told that we can expect the final review within the next
1-2 weeks.

With best regards,

Benjamin D. Santer
Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P.O. Box 808, Mail Stop L-103
Livermore, CA 94550, U.S.A.
Tel: (925) 422-2486
FAX: (925) 422-7675


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