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cc: "David J. Thomson" <>
date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 17:27:59 -0400 (EDT)
from: "David J. Thomson" <>
subject: Tree ring or similar data, etc.

Dear Phil,
Our paths don't seem to have crossed lately,
so hope all is well with you work is going well, etc.
I've been hearing dire things about the UK science
funding situation, hope you are surviving.

I have two questions, one simple, one maybe not:

1. Did I remember to send you a copy of my article in
IEEE Signal processing magazine from last July with
the "Nile" example? I recall you spluttering about
"long memory" processes at some point, so did an
explicit test for it. No ``fractionally integrated
brownian motion'', Hurst exponents, etc., but
lots of solar and the 18.6-year Lunar signal.

2. One of my grad students is wondering where he can
find good tree-ring data at annual resolution from
Canadian/US border and prairie region. He has some
lake cores from Minnesota over to Alberta, and is
looking for accurately dated, annual data from about
1100 AD (or earlier) to present to check his
time sacales against. Any data, advice, pointers, etc
welcome. The data he has is from varved sediments,
there seem to be some odd solar effects, and he should
check his time scale against some well-dated series.

Term is almost over, last class tomorrow, then exams to

David Thomson

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