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date: Tue Sep 3 10:04:51 2002
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: Royal Soc/Wolfson Merit Award
to: "T.D.Davies" <>

Thanks Trevor.
No - he didn't select one, but he found the exercise helpful. Vanessa is keeping on the
case. He spent a useful 2 days last week with us at the Tyndall Assembly in Manchester.
I expect him to make one further visit here during September to finalise on a house. I
have an office ready for him here from 1 October.
I'm not sure fully why he hasn't signed the UEA contract - it probably still relates to his
questions of tax and NI contribution. I will suggest that Brian - who missed John when he
was here - gives him a call to resolve the matter.
At 11:05 28/08/02 +0100, you wrote:

I have sent a thankyou letter to John Lawton for his support/patience etc
over JS, & informing him that we have applied for an award, pointing out how
good it would be for TYN if we were successful. I have sent a copy of the
application. I have also suggested - tactfully - that he inform EPSRC/ESRC;
or indicated that we would if he felt that more appropriate.
I have also written to Bob May, thanking him for his help etc, & informing
him of the application.
On relection, I have not 'touched up' David King. Talking to RS people here
in July, it was clear that David King is regarded more as 'government' than
PS did JS find a house?
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