Sunday, June 10, 2012


date: Thu, 4 Jul 96 14:30:30 +0500
from: "Tatiana M. Dedkova" <>
subject: schiyatov

Dear Keith,

I have got the first payments and received money. Thank you and
your people. The Russian bank ruls ask additional details (words)
in one position of transfer document as of Vaganov's case:
"voluntaries (or humanitarian) instalment (or payment) for EC
Project Advance REF AG1190/482- 38 ENV 4CT950127".

Please make such rider when you will send the next batch of money.

I have tickets to London and back at days and flights I informed
you earlier. As I know, Evgeny Vaganov will not go to Cambridge.

I am looking forward your "best plan".

Very best wishes to you and Phil.
July 4, 1996 Stepan

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