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date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 10:12:03 -0000
from: "Colin Harpham" <>
subject: RE: Station data for UKCIP
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Perhaps if we asked Ag to make sure Sheffield and Manchester (any others
needed?) were included that would sort SCORCHIO too(?).

I will press on with trying to work out why the temperature needs a 'fudge
factor' along with the poorer modelling for winter.
Sunshine could also do with some attention, have you any suggestions for a
different distribution to try (one that will give 0s and 1s at the

I will be working in Loughborough tomorrow (hope that's OK).


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Subject: Re: Station data for UKCIP

Thanks. There isn't an immediate rush on this, as
you're contarct drafting.
If we can get this though direct from the MO,
then all the data may be in the same format. You
will likely need to talk to someone at NCIC, rather than
the HC, so might be tricky.
We spent an awful lot of time on previous contracts reformatting data
etc - an awful lot.
We can discuss this more on Jan 23.


Hi Colin,
> I will have a chat to colleagues at the BADC and the Met Office about
> the best way to select your data. I might be able to just write a
> script to find the stuff at BADC but I'll have a think.
> Phil is partly right, Phil Bentley is a new recruit in the HC who will
> lead the technical work in the Defra project but they are also
> recruiting someone new.
> Cheers,
> Ag
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> From: Colin Harpham []
> Sent: 10 January 2007 10:19
> To: Stephens, A (Ag)
> Cc: Phil Jones
> Subject: data for UKCIP
> Dear Ag
> I am involved with the CRU wgen implementation in the UKICP project.
> We will need to interpolate model parameters from station level to 5km
> grid, and so will need hourly data for at least 30 stations. Would you
> be willing to help organise the procurement of these data? (I have
> looked at the BADC repository for hourly data and it would be quite a
> task to do this remotely since few stations have consecutive runs -
> and so would have to order data without knowing the availability).
> Ideally... Need a minimum of 10 consecutive years of data within the
> period 61-95. Would be better if all stations covered roughly the same
> range of years. The stations are evenly distributed across the UK.
> For at least 30 stations.
> For the following variables:
> 1) temperature.
> 2) precipitation.
> 3) sunshine hours.
> 4) wind.
> 5) dry bulb temperature.
> 6) wet bulb temperature.
> 7) barometric pressure.
> any assistance would be greatly appreciated...
> regards,
> Colin
> ps Phil was wondering if Philip Bentley is the person that HC are
> going to employ on the DDP/LINK/TGICA project.
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