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cc: Tom Pedersen <>, Vera Markgraf <>, Christoph Kull <>, Isabelle Larocque <>, Frank Oldfield <>
date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 15:34:23 +0100
from: Keith Alverson <>
subject: Paleo network of excellence in EU Framework6
to: Rick Battarbee <>, Keith Briffa <>, Dominique Raynaud <>, Laurent Labeyrie <>, Matti Saarnisto <>, Thomas Stocker <>, Bruno Messerli <>,

Dear European PAGES SSC members (2001-2003),

As you are no doubt aware the EU is tendering a call for letters of intent
to develop 'networks of excellence' as part of framework 6. As I understand
it these networks will be funded with substantial sums - roughly an order of
magnitude more money than the PAGES budget. Paleoscience was apparently one
of the 'poster cases' that was used in Brussels last week as an example of a
community that could benefit from creation of such a network.

I have read through the working document 'provisions for implementing
networks of excellence' and have had scattered email contact with various
people planning initiatives and with Hans Brelen at the EU. I know of at
least four networks clearly within the PAGES remit that are being planned
for submission as letters of intent. These appear to be separated at present
(roughly) by ice, continent, ocean and timescale.

It seems to me that PAGES would support all these initiatives and would
hope to work with any that get funded. Although one could take the view that
these network proposals should simply compete freely, it seems unlikely that
all will be funded (or even that more than one paleo-network will be
funded). This leads me to guess that some people will come out of such a
scenario very disappointed. Thus, I am tempted to believe that a single
large network, including all of these researchers - perhaps with a more
proactive engagement from PAGES - may be best. This would only be true of
course if funding would be proportionally higher to account for the larger
network. Also, if all the eggs get put into one basket there is also some
risk that no paleonetwork gets funded, obviously a scenario to be avoided at
all costs.

If you, as PAGES SSC members, have some advice for me as to what course of
action you think I should be taking on behalf of PAGES, I would be happy to
hear it. Possibilities include:

1) I, as a representative of PAGES, do nothing proactive and simply respond
to any requests that are made of me according to best judgement.

2) I, as a representative of PAGES, try to take a more proactive role. This
might involve, for example, communicating directly with all the people I
know submitting plans for paleo-networks with some standard offers of PAGES
involvement (or otherwise) and communicating more proactively with Brussels
(in the first instance the only person I know there is Hans Brelen).

Please let me know your thoughts on this matter as soon as possible. Thanks
for your guidance.


cc: Tom Pedersen, Chair
Vera Markgraf, Vice-Chair
Frank Oldfield, Christoph Kull, Isabelle Larocque, PAGES office
Keith Alverson
Executive Director
PAGES International Project Office
B�renplatz 2, 3011 Bern, Switzerland
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