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date: Mon Nov 10 11:54:59 2003
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: outline of Tyndall North's supergen work
to: Paul Upham <>

Thanks Paul. That is very helpful as an outline sketch. You may be aware, but there is a
major campaign running here in the eastern region over bio-energy (biofuels in fact), which
is bringing together partnerships of MPs, producers, the transport industry and
scientists. There is a strong lobby of the Treasury to reduce still further the tax
differential. The regional newspaper in the eastern region is supporting this campaign
aggressively and hence the public are being exposed to some of the issues.
Bruce Tofield here at UEA (the CRed project) is following this regional debate/lobby quite
closely and at some point you might wish to make contact with him if you feel the eastern
region is suitable as a case study. Elaine Jones, Tyndall's business liaison manager, is
someone else to keep in contact with.
I hope to meet you on friday when John Schellnhuber and I visit.
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