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date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 23:32:10 +0100
from: Eystein Jansen <>
subject: Fwd: Re: Data for IPCC
to: Keith Briffa <>, Tim Osborn <>, Jonathan Overpeck <>

data from Oerlemans will come on Monday, see below.

>From: "J. Oerlemans" <>
>Subject: Re: Data for IPCC
>Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 22:10:21 +0100
>To: Eystein Jansen <>
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>I'll send it on monday
>regards, hans
>On Feb 3, 2006, at 7:08 PM, Eystein Jansen wrote:
>>Dear Hans,
>>I am co-ordinating lead author for the IPCC AR4
>>Paleoclimate chapter. In our section on the
>>last 2000 years we would like to include your
>>T-reconstruction from glaciers that was
>>published in Science. We would like to have the
>>data separate for each hemisphere plus the
>>global mean and include this into a figure
>>showing a suite of T reconstructions. There is
>>an urgency to this and we hope that you could
>>send us the data very soon, in order for the
>>data to bbe incorporated into the 2nd draft of
>>the report.
>>Best wishes
>>Eystein Jansen
>>Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and
>>Dep. of Earth Science, Univ. of Bergen
>>All�gaten 55
>>N-5007 Bergen
>>Phone: +47-55-583491 - Home: +47-55-910661
>>Fax: +47-55-584330

Eystein Jansen
Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and
Dep. of Earth Science, Univ. of Bergen
All�gaten 55
N-5007 Bergen
Phone: +47-55-583491 - Home: +47-55-910661
Fax: +47-55-584330

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