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date: Tue Jul 22 15:28:10 2008
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: RE: JOC-08-0085.R1 - International Journal of Climatology
to: "Glenn McGregor" <>

Dear Glenn,
At 10:07 14/07/2008, Tim Osborn wrote:

just checking whether you got the revised manuscript or not. Douglas is concerned in
case it didn't get through, e.g. if there are limits on attachment size etc.

I see at Manuscript Central that the revised Maraun et al. paper is now "assigning
referees", so I presume that you received the PDF by email from Douglas? Actually I was
surprised that it needs refereeing again, since the required changes were relatively minor
wording changes plus a supplemental calculation that fully supports our original
On a slightly different matter, our previous paper
had some supporting online material (SOM), but this has never appeared (as far as I can
find) on Wiley's IJC online site. It would be great if we can get this uploaded there
soon. We can send another copy of the SOM (to you? or to someone at Wiley?) if necessary.
The reason that prompted me to check the availability of our SOM is that Ben Santer
recently emailed me the accepted version of his paper (following Douglass et al.'s paper)
which also came with a SOM. I wanted to check that Wiley InterScience are actually ready
to handle his SOM (i.e. that both the article and the SOM will be posted together online)?
Best wishes and hope that you are enjoying NZ,

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