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date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 13:48:11 -0500
from: Peczkis Jan <J-PeczkisatXYZxyzU.EDU>
subject: Re: [ITRDBFOR] How to intimidate scientists

I object to the use of this forum to promote global warming as fact.
This forum should deal directly with tree rings and nothing else.

As for politics, it works both ways. Yes, there are those who would
like global warming to be false so that they would not have to change
their ways or spend the money to make corrections. But don't forget
that there are also those who have used environmental concerns to mask
their antipathy towards free enterprise. They would like nothing more
than to use such things as the threat of global warming to increase
their socialistic governmental power over American society in general
and American free enterprise in particular.

Jan Peczkis

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From: Franco Biondi <fbiondiatXYZxyz.EDU>
Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 8:16 pm
Subject: [ITRDBFOR] How to intimidate scientists

> Dear Forum,
> in case you haven't yet, I encourage you to learn more about the
> recentletter sent by US Representative Joe Barton (Texas),
> Chairman of the House
> Energy and Commerce Committee, to Michael Mann, Ray Bradley, and
> our own
> Malcolm Hughes. You can find plenty of information (including the
> full text
> of the letter and several responses to it) at this website:
> In case you become as outraged as I have, you can sign a petition
> at this
> web site:
> Hope your summer is going well,
> Franco
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