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date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 09:34:19 +0100
from: "Prof B.E. Launder" <>
subject: Re: Royal Society/Wolfson Merit Award
to: Mike Hulme <>


This is VERY good news from several perspectives. Certainly the
extra funds that thus become available for normal Tyndall projects
is extremely valuable both for the research itself and the favourable
impact the development must have on the research councils
funding Tyndall. Moreover, the fact that the funding is for five years,
a period which extends well beyond our first phase of funding,
strongly reinforces the idea that Tyndall should continue beyond
Phase 1. Finally, the fact that the funds have been awarded by a
body as prestigious as the Royal Society helps underline Tyndall's
high standing.

Following this news, I will make enquiries with the Royal Society to
see how long someone who is not a citizen of the UK or
Commonwealth has to be resident here before they are eligible for
admission to the Fellowship. If I get the right response I'd be happy
to work up a submission with John Shepherd for posting next year
(it's already too late for this year).

Finally, Mike, in closing let me express on behalf of Tyndall North
our thanks for your initiatives in securing this award for John. I
know only too well how much work is involved in getting a
successful case together.

Hope the tele-conference goes well next week. I'm sorry to miss it
but as I said I arranged to be in Marseilles on October 31st and
November 1st.


PS: Already this morning there have been (another) two quite
strong earth tremors here in Manchester. It's hard to see the
connection but I just wonder whether climate change may have
some invisible role in these events too. B.
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