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Hi Mick

The only thought I have is that the vision statement must mention climate
change. I appreciate that 'Advancing the understanding of climate change'
is maybe a bit boring, but at least it says what we're at.

Another thought - the Tyndall Centre has a 3-para Vision Statement.


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> Subject: CRU statements
> 1. Here is the mission statement revamped after last week's discussion. I
> have subsituted challenges and opportunities for uncertainties in the
> second paragraph as the latter seemed rather technical. I suggest we leave
> this now till its discussed by CRU Forum.
> The mission of the Climatic Research Unit is to undertake pioneering
> research on the nature, predictability and impact of natural and
> anthropogenic climate change, maintaining a position as a world authority
> in this field.
> The Unit will support a sustainable response to the challenges and
> opportunities created by climate variability and trends, being recognised
> as a principal source of information, training, data, analysis tools and
> advice on climate issues because of the high quality, objectivity,
> topicality and policy-relevance of its work.
> 2. Here is a vision statement. Mission statement = commitment. Vision
> statement = inspiration. The vision statement should be very short and
> almost a slogan. For us, I don't think the vision statement is that
> important but we might as well have one I suppose. What sprung to mind
> when working on the mission statement was:
> "Extending the frontiers of knowledge"
> Can frontiers be extended? I reckon so as I see the frontier of knowledge
> as being roughly circular so it gets longer as you push out the boundary.
> But maybe...
> "Advancing the frontiers of understanding"
> 3. More important is the values statement. This amongst other
> things guides
> difficult decisions within a company by providing basic principles,
> guldelines, etc. It should also shape the corporate culture. It
> is more for
> internal purposes than something you would publicise but it should affect
> the company image. This is very much something that should be develoiped
> by an organisation as a whole ie we need CRU Forum input, as everyone
> should agree to this (at least in general terms). I suggest we develop a
> draft then put it to CRU Forum. Below there are some thoughts as to the
> issues we might cover. If you send me comments/additions I'll work them up
> into a draft statement. This touches on substantive policy issues in
> places so we may need to meet to discuss before the draft is prepared?
> Job security and career development
> Nature of research we do (balance of consultancy maybe)
> Degree of involvement in teaching
> Relationship with rest of UEA, with rest of world
> Working environment and resources available to staff
> Integrity of scientific work - or do we take this as read?
> Commitment to best practice.
> I'll return to this Wednesday pm so comments by return if at all possible.
> Thanks
> Mick
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