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date: Tue Aug 24 17:05:38 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: idag paper
to: Gabi Hegerl <>

Been out. Off home now. I only have tomorrow as I'll be in Exeter on Thurs/Fri this
Will look tomorrow.
At 16:31 24/08/2004, you wrote:

Dear Phil,
I am just finalizing at the IDAG paper, and there are two paleo issues that I am
concerned about
1. one reviewer (B, 5) thinks figure 1 should have error bars. Francis drafted
a response saying the error bars are discussed in individual papers, and the
range of reconstructions gives a sense of ucnertainty. However, a possible other
response is to replace this figure with a newer one, for example the NH figure from
your paper with Mike Mann that has error bars. What do you think?
2. one of the reviewers comments that the statement that the borehole issue is
resolved is too strong. I am a bit uneasy about this too, particularly with rumours
(I know more but had to vow eternal silence to the author) of a paper coming
out suggesting that Mann et al and standard regression methods underestimate
low-f variance. So I think we should keep a bit more ambiguous (I personally
also think Mike underestimates variability) and wait how this blows over.
Tom is right now going over the paleo section, but I wanted to give you as much
time as possible particularly if you think we should update figure 1.
If you have time now for detail comments of the text, what would be fine and I would
merge it with Toms' changes, if you wait for the text until (hopefully) later today or
thursday morning, thats fine too.
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