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cc: "Phil Jones" <>, "Bryan Lawrence" <>
date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 17:09:19 -0000 (GMT)
subject: Re: CRU role in Defra project
to: "Stephens, A \(Ag\)" <>

Away today and tomorrow, but this sounds fine.
The hours/days are very low for me, else it will all
go to UEA and we'll never see the money.
This is the same on the WG contract, which
we've just received from Chris. So for consistency
keep that. Colin's and my work will be on all
5 areas, Colin more on 1, 3 and 4 and me on 2/5.
I'll need Colin though to do things for me on
my areas.

Chris has also a very low personal budget on the WG.
Maybe one day UEA and Newcastle will complain, but
I doubt anyone will notice.

Back in CRU on Friday.


> Hi Phil,
> In the Defra project we have been pretty vague about your role. We've
> said:
> "Phil Jones...will work to ensure that this project deploys a WG
> appropriately"
> However, we also say we have the following quantities of UEA time:
> WHO? Y1 Y2
> Prof P Jones 1.08 1.08
> Dr C Harpham 74.18 31.18
> ...which is quite a lot of Colin, and not a lot of you.
> The key issue is that I need to create a credible sub-contract that we
> can work to.
> I propose that CRU expertise be involved in the following activities:
> 1. Requirements capture.
> 2. High-level project guidance.
> 3. Definition and management of the use of observational datasets
> affecting the DDP and LINK.
> 4. Testing the user-interfaces and other tools - providing feedback.
> 5. Managing scientific interactions between the DDP and the WG.
> How does that sound to you? And, Bryan, any thoughts?
> Cheers,
> Ag
> P.S. In phase 2, we would like you to host user workshops but they won't
> be happening in this first phase.
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