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Hi Tim:

Here is Dave Anderson's selection from the topics you kindly offered. I
concur with his judgment about which would be of most interest to the
Earth Systems Research Lab (ESRL) here at NOAA-Boulder.

For my part I'm interested in both (i) and (ii), in particular
"pseudo-proxy study that looks into how good temperature reconstructions
need to be to constrain some climate model parameters" in (i) and
"exploring uncertainty in patterns of future climate change at
national-to-global scales" in (ii). So, we should have plenty to talk

Very good, and really looking forward to your visit. If you would like,
you are also invited to come and visit over the weekend you'll be here
with Barbara (my wife) and myself, at our home in Colorado Springs 95
miles south of Boulder. We would be most happy to host you. That said,
please feel totally free to make whatever plans suit you the best; we
won't be in any way bothered if you prefer to stay the weekend in
Boulder. It is a very nice and interesting place -- one of the most
interesting and active small cities in the US in fact, like a somewhat
toned-down Berkeley CA.

[The only thing to be aware of if you do come to CO Springs is to make
sure we arrive back in Boulder in time for your talk on Monday morning
at 11:00. I typically use the regional bus transit system, which is
very good, with the exception that they can run late if the traffic is
bad through Denver. That doesn't happen much in the warmer time of
year, but it would be something to take into our planning.]

Peace, Gene

Dr. Eugene R. Wahl

Physical Scientist
NOAA/NESDIS/NCDC/Paleoclimate Branch

325 Broadway Street
Boulder, CO 80305

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Lets go with ii, hopefully of more direct interest to ESRL, and explore
the paleo topics with our group.
Dave wrote:
> Hi Dave:
> Here is Tim Osborn's response to my query of yesterday about his talk
> subject. Can you give me your preference and I'll pass that along to
> Tim. I'm fine with whatever you think is best.
> Peace, Gene
> Hi Gene,
> thanks for taking the poll and making these suggestions. I don't
> have very much recent work on the NAO to present, and what I do have
> is more about present/future than past. In terms of recent work, I
> have just two things to offer...
> (i) various comparisons between palaeoclimate reconstructions and
> model simulations for recent centuries (3 specifically aspects:
> temperature seasonality changes, southern hemisphere temperature
> changes, and a pseudo-proxy study that looks into how good
> temperature reconstructions need to be to constrain some climate
> model parameters).
> (ii) exploring uncertainty in patterns of future climate change at
> national-to-global scales, based on results from multi-GCM and
> (possibly) perturbed-physical-parameter-GCM ensembles. This focusses
> on climate scenarios and including meteorological drought.
> Would either of these suit, do you think? I can think up more
> appealing titles! (i) is palaeo, (ii) is future. Even if you think
> (ii) would be of wider interest, I'd still be keen to talk over (i)
> in person with you while I'm there.
> T.

David M. Anderson
NOAA Paleoclimatology Branch Chief and Director, World Data Center for
NOAA's National Climatic Data Center
325 Broadway, E/CC23, Boulder, CO, 80305-3328
Tel: (303) 497-6237


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