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cc: Keith <>
date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 09:12:25 +0100
from: Rob Wilson <>
subject: Re: Bodge Figures
to: Tom Melvin <>

thanks Tom,
I must commend you on your use of the colour black. I always needed sun glasses for the
green!! :-)
Your work will get a mention in Poland.
Tom Melvin wrote:

Attached are the Bodge figures. (Alternative versions as I have just converted to a new
compiler and graphics display)
Sometimes they are not disp[layed correctly in WORD (as Keith discovered) but work
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".....I have wondered about trees.

They are sensitive to light, to moisture, to wind, to pressure.
Sensitivity implies sensation. Might a man feel into the soul of a tree
for these sensations? If a tree were capable of awareness, this faculty
might prove useful. "

"The Miracle Workers" by Jack Vance

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