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date: Fri Sep 1 08:13:46 2000
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: Steve Smith?
to: Rebecca Carman <>

Hi there,
I'm not quite sure where Steve Smith is now you mention it. His email address is:
<> which does not suggest NCAR to me. Perhaps best to email him
and ask for the correct postal address.
Glad the Workbook has gone out to all.
No word yet from Tom. I'll have to tell him that people are crying out for his Manual!
At 17:42 31/08/00 -0400, you wrote:

Hi Mike,
We want to send a copy of MAGICC/SCENGEN to Steve Smith, who is listed
in your credits as a lead author. Who is he?!! From NCAR?
Gracias. FYI, we are just sending out the last copies of the manual this
week. It has been distributed to all project co-ordinators, the UNFCCC's
Consultative Group of Experts on NAI national communications, your IPCC
group, and a few other interested people.
Whatever copies we have left will be sent to UNFCCC focal points.
We have also sent the information to a few publications -- I will send
you any info I get.
Also, any word on Tom's manual? Tell him to stop getting interviewed for
telly and to get to work! :)
Regards, Rebecca.
Rebecca Carman
Programme Assistant
National Communications Support Programme
304 East 45th St
16th floor (FF-1617)
NY, NY 10017
Tel: 1-212-906 6928
Fax: 1-212-906 6568
Internet: [1]

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