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date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 13:57:27 -0500
from: Joel Smith <>
subject: Scenarios Chapter

Hi Mike,

How are you? It is almost that time to ask how one's summer is going. The
weather is finally beautiful here. Only problem is to find the time to enjoy

You may have heard that Jan Feenstra's group received more funding to revise the
UNEP Handbook. There are several goals for this revision. One is to make it
more acceptable to IPCC. This will mainly involve bringing in developing
country co-authors. The second is to revise the chapters to reflect a new,
somewhat different format. The attachment describes the new format (but, ignore
the description of Section 2.4).

The other change is the editorial board (of which I am a member) decided to
elevate the Scenarios Appendix to a Chapter.

Would you like to work with me on converting the appendix to a chapter? I
enjoyed collaborating with you on the last go around and would enjoy another
chance to work together.

The editorial board met in Amsterdam a few months ago and Martin Parry expressed
some general, (but vague) concerns about the scenarios discussion. I just sent
him a fax asking him to give us specific comments.

It seeems that we need to search out a co-author from a developing country. I
don't feel that there is much productive another person can do on revising the
main text of the chapter. You and I have something worked out and can best put
the chapter in the new format (and address whatever comments Martin has) by
working with each other. One thing a developing country could do is prepare a
"box" describing the development of regional climate change scenarios for an
impacts assessment. I'd be content with a description of SCENGEN based on work
you have done with scientists in other countries. Another possibility is to use
one of the many US Country Studies teams I worked with. I suggest we just add
one co-author, since we'll need to offer them an honorarium.

Speaking of funding, I need to check with Feenstra about what is going on. He
may be sending funds my way to subcontract with you. I'd be happy to issue you
a consulting contract. Let me check with Jan about this.

Please let me know if you are interested in this.

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