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cc:, "Stott, Peter" <>, Stefan Rahmstorf <>
date: Wed Jul 21 10:32:46 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Fwd: The D�nouement Is Imminent
to: "Michael E. Mann" <>,

Mike, Mike et al.,
Thanks for responding and forwarding. I suspect it will just go in one ear and out
the other. In the 'Mounting Doubts' section, the text is lifted from that piece by
Legates (which I responded to a week ago) and also a piece in the Daily Mail
by David Bellamy (who is well described as a conservationalist and TV presenter). See
for what he is professor of. He left academia ages ago. In this Bellamy claimed that if
took all the water vapour out of the atmosphere the temperature would fall 33 deg C. If
the CO2 were taken out it would fall 0.3%. I have his units right !
Is there a universal web site, where all this rubbish gets put? So, when Bellamy
something, he can just go and parrot what other people have said.
I suspect the various drafts of the IPCC chapters will get 'scientists' and
parroting the same material. They will also resurface when AR4 comes out, but as long
as everything is documented we will be in good shape.
Keith Briffa heard Bellamy on the radio saying the same thing that 5 research groups had
discredited the hockey stick. Bellamy is doing this as he's against wind farms - says they
destroy habitats ! Says we should be putting the money to better use by conserving the
environment and developing alternative energy sources ! Also says we should be fighting
world hunger and providing clean drinking water.
Bellamy is an Honorary Professor of Adult and Continuing Education at the University of
Durham and Special Professor of Botany and Nottingham University.

At 16:05 20/07/2004 -0400, Michael E. Mann wrote:

Thanks for forwarding this Mike,
I've forwarded to a few other colleagues who may be interested. As you probably know,
"TechCentralStation" isn't a legitimate news site--its an industry-funded front group,
which gets most of its money from Exxon Mobile, etc. So in general I don't respond to
this sort of stuff. But sometimes it useful that someone do, and I'm glad to see you
Thanks again,

Prof. Phil Jones
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