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date: Tue Aug 25 08:48:30 2009
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: quick comment...
to: Dave Thompson <>

Fine. Odd sometimes that John drops me off. I'm away
Aug 27 to Sep 5 if the proofs come during these 9 days. I'd
like to see them, but will be out of email contact in Jersey.
I doubt I'll be allowed to check email!
The NH-SH series is interesting, but we don't want it too perfect.
The drop in the difference series is interesting. Useful to look at
some modelling runs to see if they get such a difference. I'm
involved in a paper with Adrian Simmons on ERA-INTERIM (1989-2008)
which is showing some interesting things with specific and
relative humidity. I'll send when it's all accepted by JGR - hopefully
by the time I'm back.
At 17:37 24/08/2009, Dave Thompson wrote:

Hi Phil,
Hope you don't mind me including you in the emails with John... I have
a hunch there is something interesting in the NH/SH work, and as that
work progresses, I hope you don't mind my bouncing my ideas off of you
and John. I enjoyed putting the last pair of papers together with
you....and would enjoy doing so again...
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