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date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 16:41:17 +0200
from: Frank Oldfield <>
subject: Submission to NERC

Dear Keith,

Sorry it has taken so long to respond to this - a rather hectic time as
ever, then I go off to the States tomorrow. I think you've done a great job
and I find it hard to comment on the strategic aspects; not least because I
was only very rarely a successful grant getter, which makes me think I
don't have a very good mind set for doing these things. Here are a few
questions -

Does it stress benefit to UK enough? (as distinct from benefit to UK
science and especially the Hadley Centre)

Is it worth emphasizing more the dependence of all future planning of
responses (crops/freshwater/renewable resources of all kinds) to global
change on the reliablity of CLIMATE models? People in some other fields may
need this ramming home, the more so since I think regional impacts will be
higher and higher on the funding agenda from now on.

Chronology is paramount and much of the work already done is at least
partly compromised by poor dating control (as well as relatively low
temporal/stratigraphic resolution). Maybe some stress on the need for
additional PALAEO work meeting the goals of dating control + resolution +
calibratable proxies needs to be made; possibly also ref. not only to
tephra, but to the NERC C-14 dating capability and TIMS (eg. at OU)

Links by UK scientists to international programmes of all knds - EU funded;
PAGES-type stuff etc etc are very high in this whole research area. maybe a
bit more can be made of this since it guarantees a lack of parochiality as
well as a high potential for drawing in international resources to the

Beyond these points, I've made a few trivial observations on the text -
mostly in CPAS and between !! !!
I've returned the modified attachment both in Word 98 and Word 5.

On another tack - is their anything we should be doing here in PAGES to
help your Holocene publication plans along. I've looked over the outline
you gave me again - it seems just great.

Finally - in the middle of these very substantial and urgent commitments,
what chance the Newsletter stuff and when? Replies on this to Keith
Alverson who will be pulling it together.

All the very best,


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