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One point to note: Izrael and Illarionov do NOT dispute evidence that planet has been
warming, but DO dispute proof of anthopogenic link, projected impacts, etc. Since he/they
(is Illarionov attending?) will be trying to minimise the time available for anyone else to
speak, our presentations need to use any time we can get to best effect.

Larissa Skurutskoya (?) called me to update on situation, they (NGO group) had good meeting
with L'vov & colleagues last week, but the biggest worries are that:

- the 'pro-action' senior academicians (L'vov, Mokhov, Makarov) will be frozen out of the

- the danger that Izrael will put out a note immediately after the seminar claiming it
supported his views.

Larrisa was hoping the Embassy could ensure that the senior academicians (L'vov, Mokhov,

and colleagues are invited. I assume the Embassy are on top of the situation, as best as
possible, but whatever happends I certainly want a chance to meet with L'vov and Makarov if
at all possible.

On the latter fear, I assume the Embassy will be making sure something in Russian
(translations of our presentations, summaries or short notes?) is got round to the relevant
people directly.

Best wishes


PS Has anyone thought to brief Tony Brenton on the situation? Is he in post yet?

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Subject: SDK's Slides for Moscow Workshop - 1st Part


Please find attached the first part of Sir David's presentation. Grateful if you could get
the slides translated on put on to a laptop for Wednesday. Second part will follow shortly.

Many thanks


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