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date: Fri Oct 15 06:35:21 2004
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: Rachel Warren etc
to: "Warrilow, David (GA)" <>

Just a quick note from me about Rachel - although I guess she has got back to you by now.
Tyndall Centre would be happy to release Rachel for one more month, until the end of
November 2004, to continue working p-t for Defra. Thereafter, we could not accommodate her
absence without a more serious re-structuring of responsibilities in the Centre (which we
wish to avoid for now).
I hope this is useful for the moment. I think that the staff involved - Alex and Rachel -
and the Centre as a whole has benefitted from the arrangements with Defra over the past 15
months and I am certainly sympathetic to looking at ways in the future of Tyndall Phase 2
of continuing such "job-shares". Indeed, we might even build-in a 50% post into Tyndall 2
on the assumption that the other 50% might be available to be employed by Defra.
At 21:23 03/10/2004 +0100, you wrote:

Mike, just a brief note.
As you probably know Rachel's secondment to Defra is due to end at the end
of October. I have spoken to her about it and she is keen to extend that for
another month at least and possibly up to Christmas. We would be delighted
if she could stay for 1-2 months longer as she is doing good work and we
have not yet advertised for a successor. I realise that this may create some
problems for Tyndall but I would ask that you give serious consideration to
1-2 month extension - I think its to our mutual benefit that she gains more
experience with the science - policy interface. Of course if you have an
over-riding need for her to return we can understand and acccept that. She
does not know that I am sending this but I have asked her to explore
I spoke to John S yesterday at the Cambridge. He is hoping to come to the
Science-Policy Foum on the 11th Oct - he wants to talk to us about Defra
requirements for Tyndall II, which we appreciate. Will you be able to come
too - you are certainly welcome. I think it will be important for both of us
(Defra and Tyndall) to build on current co-operation. Rachel tells me you
are very busy with Tyndall II so if you can't make it we should arrange
another time.
Finally on the stabilisation contract. We had a round up meeting last Friday
with Nick Brooks. It was OK but I have the distinct impression that Nick's
heart is not in this and that not enough effort has been factored in to
providing acceptable final reports. We sent comments on the background paper
several weeks ago and nothing has been done. Nick is going to work with
Rachel to finalise it but I just want to emphasise to you how important we
view this contract. We plan to use it in a bilateral workshop with the
Chinese and also use it as an input resource to our planned February meeting
on Stabilisation. We will also want to use the research recommendations at
the Feb meeting. The political stakes are high and a professional product is
essential. Your help in this would be appreciated.
Hope I will see you next week, or at some time soon,
Best regards,
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
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