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cc:,, Eystein Jansen <>,,,,
date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 21:01:56 -0600
from: Jonathan Overpeck <>
subject: Re: the regional section and MWP Figure
to: Keith Briffa <>

Thanks Keith, and Ed, and to all the others on this email for being
willing (I hope) to help create some excellent short sections for the
Chapter 6 FOD.

Ricardo - hope you're down there and able to get the SH section. Just
to make sure you're not confused, what we're looking for is 1) a
figure w/ available long T recons, plus borehole, either as single SH
curve, or regional (e.g., Austrialia and southern Africa) and 2) some
short prose (paragraph or two) giving an overview - i.e., that a SH
composite recon is not possible, but that we do have some good long
recons and they show... (plus borehole). Focus is on temperature.

Ricardo - do you have this under control, and can we expect something
in the next couple days? Pretty, please? Por favor?

Ricardo and Ed - I guess you guys and I need to think about a short
section on variability (e.g., ENSO to add to Keith's NAO - will have
to at least say something about PDO and AMO too, even if it is that
we don't have good recons). Julie is ready to help on the ENSO part -
we have the prose - it just needs to be tightened up.

I think we (me, Julie, R and E) should try to work in any of the
regional forcing that is policy-relevant. The rest will have to be

Then there is a short section on hydrological change over the last
millennium. We don't have room to do everything, so I suggest we go
with those regions with GOOD records and a clear story. If needed, we
can mention other regions very briefly. I think the regions for which
some prose (probably no figure, although maybe we could squeeze in N.
America a la Cook et al's recent Science stuff):

- North America (Ed, Julie and I write)
- North Africa (East and West - I can write and hopefully get some
input from Dan Olago. Note that this is partly a monsoon story.
Couple good papers JUST out on East Africa.
- Monsoon Asia - trickier, but Ramesh and I can try something if he's game

Any others?

Bottom line - I'd like to hear ASAP from each of you indicating you
are around, and willing to do this work FAST (this week if possible)

Julie (Ok, I know where to find her!)

Keith - I'm assuming you are just aching for us to send you stuff,
and that you'll be working hard - as you indicate - on the other
stuff, particularly the MWP fig. Want to talk again about that?
Remember that the idea was a Tom C esque fig, but only for the MWP. I
think you were exploring the incorporation of other data sets too,
but perhaps not.

Again - many thanks, Peck

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