Sunday, June 17, 2012


date: Fri Jul 31 11:32:00 2009
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: FTP server
to: CRU Computing Support <>

Hi Mike,
in looking further afield than just my files, I see some other files that are no longer
needed. Please can you delete:
[1] folder and its content (an old word doc) as
I know these aren't needed any more.
I'd also guess that
[2] folder and its contents can go (files all
dated >8 years ago).
Effie's folder is also empty.
mickkelly contains only holiday snaps!
At 10:10 31/07/2009, you wrote:

Dear all,
After the recent problems with ClimateAudit, Phil has asked for all
unnecessary files to be purged from the FTP server.
You have a directory in /cru/ftp1/people. Please could you take a look
to see what files need to remain there?
If you would like assistance with this, let me know.
Please confirm by email when you've done it, so I can cross you off the

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