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date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 06:06:40 -0800
from: "James" <>
subject: global warming is global opportunity
to: <>

Dear Professor,

People, even yourself in today's article


are positioning global warming to the public as a threat.

The University of East Anglia is incredible, but please consider my non-scientific view.

Global warming is global opportunity. It must be positioned this way for us to succeed.

Political change comes from people. People need to view global warming

Emotionally, as something they can fix, and as something that is an

Opportunity for them to benefit. Else, they will ignore it until co2 hits 500ppm

People are repelled by threat and drawn to opportunity.

Ok. Now that I have your attention :-)

We all know the sea is rising. No one cares. People use time, rate, causation and

Blame to defer the issue to infinity. None of these factors matters to the sea.

When I tell people that the sea is rising, I also remind them

a. We will lose every pristine beach on the planet
b. They will not be able to take their children to the beach
c. By planting trees they can help save the beaches.
d. Since everything is connected, saving the beaches will save everything...

The first step in mobilizing civilization is to plant billions of trees. Perhaps 100's of
billions. believes me. Just ask Kevin. Planting trees will give everyone a sense

Of empowerment, its non-controversial and easy to do and inexpensive, and open their mind's
door to the opportunities presented when we all realize, as I do...that we can manage the
temperature of the earth!!

Granted this is simplistic. That is what the public needs. Over 90% of the earth's
population have

No idea what global warming is yet.

Thank you so much for listening to my opinion! Your work is so valuable in this war on
carbon and the war on combustion.


James Danforth, CEO

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