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date: Tue Dec 23 09:57:26 2003
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: RE: Request for referees comments (2003 Eureka Prize nomination o
to: <>

Thanks Simon. The report looks great - a cross between an IPCC assessment, national
scenarios, and a impacts review group. Even (!) the UK have not managed something quite as
integrated as this. Pass on my congratulations to Barrie when you see him next.
And also congratulate Penny when you see her. I hope you can all have a great party for
$10,000! Or maybe take the group out to the Boxing Day Test at the MCG. The Aussies have
got a battle on now to beat India.
Yes, the Tyndall Centre continues to mature - we've got our main evaluation coming up in
spring 2004, so much preparation to be done for this to make sure we're on track for the
2005-2010 renewal.
Do keep in touch; I'd hoped to visit Queensland in November for an invited conference, but
it clashed with our annual Advisory Board meeting. So maybe next year .........
Happy Christmas,
At 15:00 23/12/2003 +1100, you wrote:

Hi Mike,
I have just realised that nobody sent you a note again thanking you for
the reference for Barrie and his group, and that you may not have heard
that they won the award.
Your reference would have added to the other positive comments about --
and impressive achievements of -- the group that were included in the
successful nomination.
So, thank you very much for contributing, and my apologies for not
letting you know earlier. A note about the award is at
Meanwhile, a book edited by Barrie caused quite a splash here after
being presented in Milan by our Environment Minister. The book is online
at [2] and will be
printed next year. It's an excellent summary for this part of the world,
but you might find it a handy reference.
2003 seems to have been an exciting time for Tyndall and I have to admit
missing a few things about Norwich. It has been good staying in touch
with your activities, particularly through Asher and Ali, and I hope to
find other ways to work together next year.
Have a very merry Christmas and an exciting 2004.
Regards, Simon.
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From: Mike Hulme [[4]]
Sent: Friday, 16 May 2003 7:12 PM
To: Torok, Simon (AR, Aspendale)
Subject: RE: Request for referees comments (2003 Eureka Prize nomination
o f Peter Whetton, Barrie Pittock and the Climate Impacts Group)
OK Simon - here it is.
At 11:32 16/05/2003 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi Mike,
>Thank you very much for putting time towards writing such a positive
>reference. I have it here on our green fax paper. Would it be possible
>for you to also email the reference to me as a Word document so Willem
>Bouma, who is collecting the information, can print it in colour? He
>feels this will look more impressive.
>The prize is only $10,000 and a trophy -- but the series of awards is
>well recognised in Australia. I have a nomination in for my series of
>children's books in the 'science promotion' category, and we have
>another group nominated for the 'interdisciplinary science' category --
>confidentially, I found it difficult to take the latter nomination
>seriously after being in the Tyndall Centre.
>I'm grateful for your effort even if we don't end up featured in the
>Regards, Simon.
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>From: Mike Hulme [[5]]
>Sent: Wednesday, 14 May 2003 10:16 PM
>Subject: RE: Request for referees comments (2003 Eureka Prize
>nomination o f Peter Whetton, Barrie Pittock and the Climate Impacts
>A faxed version of this letter - on Tyndall paper - should be with you.
>Hope it comes off. What's the Prize? Shame it's too far for me to
>come for the ceremony.

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