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date: Fri Jun 30 12:00:37 2006
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: FW: Meeting with Head science British Council Russia
to: Mike Hulme <>, "Churchill Jacqui Mrs \(VCO\) k153" <>, <>, "Hulme Mike Prof \(TYN\) f037" <>, "Minns Asher Mr \(TYN\) e177" <>, "Haxeltine Alex Dr \(TYN\) e897" <>

Sorry for late response as only today back from IPCC meeting in Bergen. I am not available
1st August either - but potentially interested in continuing some level of association with
BC and forestry institutes in Ekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk - though strictly in relation to
natural/anthropogenic influences on climate/forest growth only. I would be happy if Asher
responds and meets them on our behalf also.
At 11:20 29/06/2006, Mike Hulme wrote:

Dear Jacqui and others,
Oleg Eletskiy has sent almost identical email letters to all of us so it is not clear
whether he will get lots of different replies or one co-ordinated one.
From my position I am on leave on 1 August so cannot meet him. More broadly for the
Tyndall Centre, Russia is not one of our main target countries for collaboration (cf.
Brazil or China). We have done a lot with the BC in the past (ZeroCarbonCity campaign)
in lots of countries (including Russia) and indeed through our Tyndall colleagues in
Manchester sought out funding (BC?) for UK-Russian science collaboration in 2004
following Sir David King's visit to Moscow.
Tyndall Centre would more likely have interest in Russia through our partners in Sussex
(Watson) and Manchester (Anderson) who are working on energy case studies, and possibly
might include Russian in them.
So my suggestion is that Asher Minns co-ordinates a Tyndall response to Oleg along the
above lines, including an offer to meet them in London, but that UEA should co-ordinate
their own response to Oleg (but it cannot include me for 1 August).
At 14:42 28/06/2006, Churchill Jacqui Mrs \(VCO\) k153 wrote:

Dear All,

Trevor Davies has asked me to pass on the e-mail below he has received from Oleg
Eletskiy. Trevor would like to meet with them if possible, although he currently has a
trip to China scheduled during the first 2 weeks of August. Could you let me know if
you would be available to meet with them on 1st August.

I will not respond to them until I have heard from you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Jacqui Churchill
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From: [1]Eletskiy, Oleg (Russia)
To: [2]
Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2006 1:47 PM
Subject: Meeting with Head science British Council Russia
Dear Prof Trevor Davies,
British Council, science and technology unit, had design a programmes for Climate Change
agenda for Russia and Energy efficiency for 2006/2008. These programmes both combine the
public events for general audience and more specific workshops and meeting for
scientists. Our aim is to establish a long term relationships between scientists in UK
and Russia and to assist Russian researches in searching the information or partners in
UK for joint projects and vice versa.
Head of the science and technology unit Marina Sokolova, will be visiting the UK with
the intention to hold meetings with the key players in the field of Climate Change and
Energy Efficiency. The purpose of the visit is to discuss the plans of the British
Council activity in Russia and to identify the partners for the joint projects from the
British side, to sustain good links with the leading organizations for the further
scientific cooperation.
We will be very grateful for you if you could meet Marina and me on 1^st of August.
During our visit to Norwich we also would like to meet your colleagues: Prof Keith
Briffa, Prof Mike Hulme, Asher Minns, Alex Haxeltine.
Thank you in advance,
Will be waiting from you,
Best Regards,
Oleg Eletskiy
Science Officer
Science Unit
British Council
109189, Russia, Moscow
Ulitsa Nikoloyamskaya, 1
T +7 095 782 0200
F +7 095 782 0201
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