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Thanks Phil,

I'll digest over the weekend.

Couple of other things:

1. You mentioned, in the 'climate at uea' meeting with Bob Watson, Trevor et al the other
week, the recent finding that humidity was declining in the measurement record. What should
I refer to on that topic? Atmospheric chemistry types are talking about increases in
absolute humidity (driven by warmer temps and more evap) driving changes in methane in the
future - so why the observed declines and are those declines in absolute or relative

2. Ruth Leavett, current MSc Climate Change student, has volunteered to be weatherquest's
experimental "climate correspondent" (don't laugh!) until she finishes her thesis in
August. We're sort of mimicing a similar thing the BBC have done. The idea is that Ruth
will monitor and keep weatherquest staff up to date (through a web page) with

- Latest status of key indices (ENSO/NAO/CET/EWR/Grosswetterlagen) etc

- Latest on climate negotiations (only very brief!)

- Climate research findings/press releases emanating from CRU/Tyndall/ENV (its surprising
how often we're caught out on the radio when we're asked about a UEA study we haven't yet
heard about)

- a few handpicked rss feeds

It sounds a bit pathetic that we can't do this ourselves but I've been surprised how
all-consuming an operational roster is. We'll see how it goes but if it is successful then
we might like to recruit a replacement for Ruth, again from the MSc CC programme, when the
next cohort arrive (perhaps paid this time!) Any comments on this? How's recruitment going?
Any sign of additional assistance for the coming year?

Still no date for UKCP?


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Subject: Fwd: NERC Knowledge Transfer Partnership: Call for Insurance Intellectual Capital

I thought just what CRU does! Then I read it - seems more what
Richard did. It isn't inadequate climate data, it's the claims data!
Inadequate historical data
The types of events that generate large losses for the types of facilities in question
are few and far between. As such, traditional curve fitting based methodologies fall
somewhat short in describing the risk. In addition, following events that cause major
losses, engineering and risk management practices are updated to reduce the likelihood
of reoccurrence, in theory lending less value to the few existing historic data points.

Subject: NERC Knowledge Transfer Partnership: Call for Insurance Intellectual Capital
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 15:54:13 +0100
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Thread-Topic: NERC Knowledge Transfer Partnership: Call for Insurance Intellectual
Capital Initiative
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<<Call for the Insurance Intellectual Capital initiative.doc>>
Dear All,
Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested and contact me at the
earliest opportunity. Details attached.
**Climate Change Risks and the Insurance Industry - Knowledge Transfer Partnerships**
Deadline for Outline Proposals is Friday 12th June
�450,000 is available for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) in a new funding call by
NERC, the Technology Strategy Board and the Insurance Intellectual Capital Initiative
(IICI, a partnership including Lloyds and other main insurers).
Normally you would require an industry partner, but this call operates more like a
normal research grant with IICI acting as the industry partner. The call has identified
four main challenges they wish to address that might align with research in ENV,
particularly CRU and Tyndall:
(1) Inadequate historical data
(2) Complex heterogeneous risks (reference to environment)
(3) Complex non-linear hazard/loss relationships
(4) Socio-economic trends
The School of Computing is keen to do this with help from ENV. CMP works closely with
Projects would be for 2-3 years and employ an associate at post-doc level. Funding is at
the full 100% fEC.
Outlines are short (700-800 words) and very targeted.
Kind regards,
Dr Nick Goodwin, Business Development Manager (Science)
University of East Anglia
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