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cc: Eystein Jansen <>
date: Mon Nov 21 11:00:18 2005
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: extra request for Christchurch
to: Jonathan Overpeck <>,

Think we can do - but both in Switzerland all week , so will look next week
At 03:42 18/11/2005, Jonathan Overpeck wrote:

Hi Keith and Tim - Susan has put a map showing sites w/ available proxy data for the
last 2000 years in the Tech Summ. as a placeholder. We agreed that chap 6 should look
into the feasibility of including such a fig in chap 6 and the TS, and would like to ask
if you could produce such a figure (perhaps with some interation w/ us to make sure it's
on the mark) in time for us to use in our chap 6 plenary presentations. Below, see the
example pulled by Susan for the TS - hopefully, we can do better than this?
Also, is there anything else NEW (since our FOD) and exciting that we might want to
share with the entire WG1 team in our Christchurch plenary? For example, a figure
illustrating a new compelling reason to have faith in the recons for the last 1000
years? Something related to the M and M controversy?
thanks for helping with this extra request. We are asking several of our LAs to help
generate new graphics for Christchruch, and figure in each case that it is work that has
to be done sooner or later before the SOD, so we might as well do it before Christchuch
and get much more credit and feedback. Thanks again!
Cheers, Peck and Eystein

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