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date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 08:52:30 +0100
from: Keith Alverson <>
subject: Re: Euro presentation on Paleo
to:, Keith Briffa <>,, Jean Claude Duplessy <>, Matti Saarnisto <>,

Dear All,

It seems there may be an opportunity to make a big push for a european
paleo-network in framework 6. PAGES will strongly support such an
initiative. In my personal opinion (not worth much) is that we should target
the need for a network bringing together people from different disciplines
to provide multiproxy, annually resolved data for the Holocene from the wide
variety of proxies available. This would also parallel the recent refocusing
of the ESH program in the USA. A database component and a model comparison
component are key as well.

How can PAGES help?

1) attached is a powerpoint show that Keith Briffa should feel to pick and
chose from in his talk in brussels (chose 'view slideshow' to see the
animations, chose 'view slide sorter' to delete inappropriate slides or ad
new ones)

2) PAGES can find funding to ensure that African scientists benefit from,
and provide benefit to, the network if EU funds the europeans only (although
it is of course best if the EU also include some money for Africans - my
understanding from hearing a talk from an EU person last week is that in
framework 6, unlike 5, this will be possible).

3) PAGES can convene and/or finance a small workshop to draft a proposal
should this be of use.

4) PAGES can help with preparing and submitting the proposal if this is
requested of us.

5) Holivar and PEP3 would both provide good basis on which to build.

6) Any other ideas you have please let me know.


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> From: Keith Briffa <>
> Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:16:35 +0000
> To:,,
> Subject: Euro presentation on Paleo
> Jean, Rick and Keith
> I have been asked to go to Brussels (next Monday week) and present a case (15
> minutes) for the "importance of Networks of excellence" to some ill-defined
> group of politicians/bureaucrats . I am asked to use as an example , the value
> of a European Paleoclimate network . This is different to my first indication
> ,which was that I would go , as one among several, to argue for the HOLIVAR
> type of agenda . I now seem to be expected to define the concept of the
> network , rather than fight for specific implementation of it in a Paleo
> context. I am uneasy with this as obviously I am happy to talk about climate
> issues, the role of Paleo in the bid debate , and how I would see a potential
> role for us here . Now I seem to be expected to defend the structure rather
> than be specific about paleo science . I believe you Jean and Rick , have been
> talking to Brussels. Are you going to this and if not , why not? What do you
> make of all this? Also Keith , what advice would you give as regards pushing
> the wider PAGES agenda in Europe? At the least , I think I need good examples
> of linkages and how a network really could work. please respond to all four of
> us.
> cheers
> Keith
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